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Its been 2 years

Is that really true? Do you see the number up there, in the heading...? 2 years? I cant really believe that its been 2 years since I took my first step on canadian ground.
My life changed in so many ways since that day. And it's unbelievable that 2 years are already gone. gone like nothing. gone like maybe 2months.
I've been thinking bout canada alot lately. although it never was easy, it was a quite nice time... i never had to worry about anything, life was easy, back then.

I can remember September 3rd 2004 so clearly, as if it was just yesterday. I took the plane, and said good bye to germany and all af my family and friends who are so important to me for a very long time. 7months is nothing, compared to a lifetime. but it changed me in many ways. not only that I learned who and what is important to me in life, I also learned to appreciate different things, and i started to LOVE the english language. love it like no other language in the word. and I began to love people in canada and all over the word.

This means so much to me, I cant really describe it in words. A part of my life just ended, now i have to start all over again. These 2 years, including canada have been awesome, now something new has to come. Luckily I have people who support me to start off again.

I love you, my family, for helping me out in difficult times and for making me things possible in life. I love you, my friends, for helping me out in difficult times and for always making me feel better.
4.9.06 21:04


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