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yesterday, monday june 12th i saw the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS in concert.... Dortmunder Wetsfahlenhalle. And it was just perfect. the setlist was awesome, the sound was amazing, just everything fits together in this band, awesome john frusciate playin the guitar, then FLEA playin the E bass just soooo amazing that it's almost unbelievable. he is like the best player ever... Anthony Kiedis with his voice and chad smith the drummer... you gguys are fuckin awesome.
they entered with cant stop, continued with dani california and the evening was just so sweet. parallel universe, californication, scar tissue, fortune faded... the biiig awesome hits they played.
best player for me: flea of course woow... it just love that sound!!!
you guys are amazing. you rock. youre the best.
13.6.06 21:56



in COLOGNE june 4th 2006

4.6.06 21:32

gonna meet maria 2morrow... probably :D im sooooooo excited :D
3.6.06 18:33

Bon Jovi

JON BON JOVI, youre fuckin awesome...
remember that concert i told you bout? wow, that was so sweet!!! You can say whatever u want, mr. jon is like so good lookin, though he's like almost 40 or whatever, dunno.

i should prolly start up from the beginning again, but i had to say this bout jon

well, it all startet with a broken car (the beetle) in the afternoon... and with a fucking messed up ticket-automat (counter, dunno, how do u call this thing?) ... FINALLY we arrived at the LTU-Arena... totally sold out, no wonder, i mean, hey, bon jovi....
Opening Band was incredible NICKELBACK!!! What can i say, they're canadian, do i have to say anything else???
they played for like 50min or something and they were AMAZING!!! and this is how you remind me...
Well, Nickelback was already pretty good, but then, at 8.30, bon jovi entered the Arena... omg, I SAW BON JOVI!!!
I cant really remember what he played, dunno, i just know i was totally stoked by the music and jon and the band...
have a nice day was so awesome. same goes for its my life... my absolute favorite was: I'll be there for you ... So cool. Bon jovi is just te right person to motivate ppl... when he mentioned canada, i was the only person in this WHOLE arena screaming. that was kinda embarrasing, but whatever its CANADA!
Living on a prayer, and so on... oh man, just sooo sweet!!!

lol, what am i talking bout here... all i want to say is: bon jovi is just awesome, the best guy ever, i would ALWAYS want to go again!
next thing is: RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS
I already got their new record, stadium arcadium

15.5.06 20:23

more than a year... boo... scary

hey now its even more than a year... hehe i can tell you what i did a year ago... it was a sunday and i slept veeery long cos the night before we spent at ankas... lol id better tell u whats up right now...

so its been 13months... and time goes by... and by... and by... ppl agre gonna go back, other ppl already went back for easter to america or canada... so jealous... talked to my hostfam on my birthday though, that was kinda cool, cos i didnt talk to them in such a long time... love y'all

like right now life is pretty busy. exams are coming, and pretty much every weekend something is up, and there's almost no time... we'll see... :P oh, my cousin just got a baby... her name is katharina paulina kinda sweet. cute.

let's see whats next... soccer wordl championchips are gonna be here soon...what else... summer holidays are not too far away... hungary is gonna be awesome... i hope. oh, yeah. i know whats next :D
BON JOVI and NICKELBACK this SATURDAY :D im sooo excited... and the next big thing is gonna follow:
the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS... i cant waaaait...

oh, and ill not forget to mention the holterhöfchen rockt... with monkey train, traffic light blue and all the others... love ya guys.

hihi i wrote a lot of shit by now... friday my next english classtest is on... topic: globalization ya, that REALLY sucks...

ok lol whatever... what i was gonna say was... i miss whistler and canada and canadian life... but im lovin it here...

buh bye...
8.5.06 21:01

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