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Bon Jovi

JON BON JOVI, youre fuckin awesome...
remember that concert i told you bout? wow, that was so sweet!!! You can say whatever u want, mr. jon is like so good lookin, though he's like almost 40 or whatever, dunno.

i should prolly start up from the beginning again, but i had to say this bout jon

well, it all startet with a broken car (the beetle) in the afternoon... and with a fucking messed up ticket-automat (counter, dunno, how do u call this thing?) ... FINALLY we arrived at the LTU-Arena... totally sold out, no wonder, i mean, hey, bon jovi....
Opening Band was incredible NICKELBACK!!! What can i say, they're canadian, do i have to say anything else???
they played for like 50min or something and they were AMAZING!!! and this is how you remind me...
Well, Nickelback was already pretty good, but then, at 8.30, bon jovi entered the Arena... omg, I SAW BON JOVI!!!
I cant really remember what he played, dunno, i just know i was totally stoked by the music and jon and the band...
have a nice day was so awesome. same goes for its my life... my absolute favorite was: I'll be there for you ... So cool. Bon jovi is just te right person to motivate ppl... when he mentioned canada, i was the only person in this WHOLE arena screaming. that was kinda embarrasing, but whatever its CANADA!
Living on a prayer, and so on... oh man, just sooo sweet!!!

lol, what am i talking bout here... all i want to say is: bon jovi is just awesome, the best guy ever, i would ALWAYS want to go again!
next thing is: RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS
I already got their new record, stadium arcadium

15.5.06 20:23


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