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There's only one true Canada!!!

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"For the love of Canada"

"Canada, created by nature!"

"There is only one thing in the world I want and that is Canada!"

"Can you feel it? Canada!"

"The one and only Canada"

"Enjoy Canada"

"Dont forget your Canada..."


"Canada is my passion"

"Dont mess with Canada"

"Canada? - Yes please!"

"It's not a dream! Canada is real!"

Yeah... Canada gibts nur im Traum... I called Canada yesterday... it was awesome... I want Canada and I want it now!!!
3.10.05 16:22


6 months

ive been back home 6 months now... today, to be exact....

6 months ago, i was sitting in Jans's basement together with Steefi, Jan, Raffa, Kathi, Maike, Fabian, Matthias and Simon... sitting together like i had never been gone... after 217 days beeing absent!!! yay

Pretty weird to think about that again, 6 months passed by, and they passed by even faster than living in Canada for 7 months 217 days. Time is running, and i dunno y.

SO its pretty hilarious to think about that evening, because that was one of the best evenings ever in my life... u know, beeing back and together with everybody... and i have to say, germany has been quite cool for the last 6 months... to be honest, maybe the last year was the best year i ever had... including canada, including my return, including my summer vacation... maybe that is y time runs so fast.

although life starts to get boring i have to say... wanna live 2 lifes... one in canada and onein germany, thatd be awesome, dontcha think so? Id love it! yeah... canada's awesome... but germany's too... as i said, i have 2 lifes :P but guess i can just live one...

hoh well yeah... guess thats it... ttyl ....

Jesus loves Canada and I do 2!!! haha :D
9.10.05 22:36

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