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september 3rd the magic date

Wow. wow. wow.

Hi guys. Uhm... I dont know what to say... It's just that today i September 3rd... and September 3rd was and still is a very special day for me. For those of you who dont know why:

September 3rd is the day I was heading off to Canada.

It has been a year now, and that is actually a very very long time. I dont know what to think about that. It is really weird. Exactly a year ago, I was sitting in Frankfurt Airport, or maybe already in the plane. All by myself, just surrounded by 30 other exchange students...

Well, that was a year ago. Now, One year later, September 3rd 2005 im sitting here at home in Langenfeld, Germany. I've been home almost 5 months now. Seems like forever. Seems like I've never been gone. I love it here. But I miss Whistler. I miss walking up that stupid hill (hard to admit), I miss all the fights Tory and Tarran had, I miss talking about senseless stuff with Tory, I miss watching TV. I miss lying in bed with the sound of the TV. I miss kraft dinner. And Ms Norrie. And Ms Rybar. And Ms Pergau (never thought id say that i miss a teacher). I REALLY miss Slurpees, Fachitas, Hot Wings, Nachos... and all the good stuff...

okay, but what does that mean? I dont know. I dont know if im happy, i im sad...

All I can say is, that I enjoyed Canada, that I enjoy being here, and that all together confuses a lot, although it seems so easy. Maybe I changed, maybe my life changed, but maybe I just didnt realize it yet.

September 3rd will always be an important date.... it loses a bit of it's importance everytime, but it's still always a day I think back....

love you, canada!
love you, germany!
3.9.05 13:41


Berlin 2005

Berlin Pics are on
17.9.05 19:01

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