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It's been a year

It's been a year... since i had my last day in Whistler, BC, CANADA... miss u so much...

hell ya.... im gonna go skiing... to switzerland... marian... u crazy swiss girl i forgot to talk to u...

8.4.06 11:56



WHISTLER 2010 ....

watch out... it's coming....

another 4 years, and we're gonna have the olympics up there in Whistler... im so excited, i cant wait for it... now that torino ir over Whistler seems so close...


oh, and by the way.... helau.... :D
27.2.06 10:33

10 months

10 months since ive been back
12.2.06 14:07

hi guys.... sup???
im having fun here. im listening to some cool kind of music, yeah, its guns n roses. but im gonna look for some bnl now... :D
happy birthday to fabian, matthias, simon, jele, linda, and all the other ppl who celebrated their birthday in january.
its sooooo cold outside, its freezing. and there was blackice everywhere this week....
"The tour has been great, i had a wonderful time in british columbia... the weather was charming, the people were so kind ...." (Axl Rose)
im talking too much shit. but im missing canada. or something else. dunno. since MAIKE has been gone to australia (yay, ozzies r cool) i've been wanting to go there as well... dunno... but i guess australia appeals to me right now... well, but id take any country i could get, prolly... if anybody offered me to stay another year in canada... i prolly would take it. dunno. its weird. i wanna speak english. but i dunno who i could talk english to. whatever.
i gotta go. see ya guys... love!!!
29.1.06 14:47

9 months back

It's been 9 months now.... 9 months... thats a fucking long time... back here in Germany. It's pretty cool though here. We had a lot of snow during christmas. Almost like in good old Whistler times. But it's just not the same like good old Whistler. tobogganin was fun skiing and snowboarding was good - but yeah... not as good as Whistler of course . Whistler rocks.
Christmas was good, New Years was even better, guess I had the best New Years Party in my life. it was kinda cool. hard to believe that it' been a whole year again. cos the year before, i was skiing in whistler during the winter holidays and having fun in the freezing cold.
yay. thats it. kinda bored right now. but i love my life. somehow. somedays. sometimes i dont but i guess everybody does...
lol whatever... im talking too much shit, i should prolly go2bed... :D
ttyl guys... love ya!!!
8.1.06 22:22

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